About Blessing Fish

Established in 2009, Blessing Fish®️ is known for its iconic smoked salmon. Today, we have expanded our product varieties to include an extensive range of premium salmon cuts as well as smoked fish, such as gindara (oilfish), tuna, and marlin. All of our fish products use flash frozen technology, which allows preservation in a state of superior freshness, ensuring ‘fresher than fresh’ quality.

Inside Blessing Fish's Factory

Blessing fish iconic smoked salmon uses wonderfully rich imported premium Atlantic salmon, which delightfully melts in your mouth. Our gindara (oilfish), tuna, and marlin are specially sourced from diverse local regions of Indonesia.

All of our smoked fish are carefully trimmed, dry salted, and cold smoked to perfection. In keeping with the pride we take in producing the highest quality products, we stay clear of artificial smoke and use only natural smoke from fruit trees to present an enchantingly aromatic and delectable delicacy for you.

Blessing Fish®️ is a brand under PT. Prasetya Agung Cahaya Utama, producer of the finest smoked fish in Indonesia and pioneer in smoked salmon export. Based in the beautiful Tabanan Bali, Blessing Fish factory is fully equipped with modern technology under the supervision of highly qualified and experienced Food Technologists. We are halal and HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) certified to ensure safety standard and consistency beyond your satisfaction.