premium quality smoked fish


Chef at Bali Rani

"It's the best smoked salmon you will have ever eaten in Bali. Blessing Fish has the most fantastic range of smoked fish I have ever tasted. Frankly, it's addictive -I want to eat their smoked fish every day!It's tender, savory,with distinctive rich taste and delicious smoky flavor. I consistently order their products for our restaurant to makesmoked salmon sandwich, smoked salmon salad, andsmoked salmon canapes. Yesterday when we served the smoked salmon dishes at our buffets, all of our guests said they tasted so good and kept coming back for them!"

Mr. Hermann
Chef in Myanmar

"Blessing Smoked Salmon is remarkably different compared to all the other smoked salmon in the market. If you do a blind tasting and compare it with Norwegian, Tasmanian, Scottish, Canadian smoked salmon, you will be definitely be surprised that such premium quality product is produced in Indonesia. I was blown away when I found out that their imported salmon are smoked at a high quality facility in Bali. What I personally love is the taste, color, and texture of their smoked fish products. No color injection was done - all was processed naturally with premium ingredients. Will definitely be on our menu as soon it's available in Myanmar. Great product!"

Chef I Nyoman Maleachi
Executive Chef at Harris Hotel - Kuta

"I choose Blessing Fish smoked salmon because of it's premium quality. It tastes great with nice smoky flavor! The look is also very appealing - bright in color and not brown. Ever since we have included Blessing Fish Smoked Salmon in our breakfast menu, there are no leftovers. All of our expatriate guests love them! Of course nothing compares to the best Scottish Smoked Salmon, but it's so expensive, not everyone can afford to buy them. Thus Blessing Fish smoked salmon is a great alternative – premium quality smoked fish with affordable price. I think it's the best choice for chefs and anyone looking for the number one smoked salmon in Indonesia."